Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  My goals and intentions for this project was to create a charcoal drawing that has shadows showing the three demensional object.  I used charcoal and white chalk to bring out highlights and shadows.  My painting is about a pumpkin.  The most difficult challenge was that the dark and the light would blend and create a grey all over.  I met that challenge by going over it multiple times.  My painting really works in the stem.  Some things that i have learned is to do white last very last.  The mentor i can name is Mr. G.  I would have made the pumpkin a little bit bigger.  I feel best about my work with the background.

Monday, October 17, 2016

       My goals and intentions for this artwork to focus on looking at the shadows, highlights, and shapes found within the picture.  I accomplished them by using a light to emphasize the details in the poster and thinking about the shade of darkness i would use.  My drawing is dramatic about the over lapping shadows.  The most difficult challenge i had to face was trying to separate light grey from white, which i met by using an eraser and erasing any place that was pure white.  My drawing really works at the G.  I have learned to not make it streaky.  Erin cone is my mentor.  Mr. Gaudreau is another artist that i learned from.  If i did it over i would have made the letters connect.  I feel best about the overlapping.

Friday, October 14, 2016

who is family

this is a picture of my mom, sister, and stepdad i consider my riding partners family because of how close we are
    this is me my sister and my stepsister

what i obsess about

one of the things that i obsess about is equestrian, i love the sport
   this is a beach in hawaii, i went there this past june and i became obsessed
this is a hibiscus flower i found in hawaii
this is my dog harrison who we rescued 3 years ago