Friday, November 4, 2016

 My goals and intentions for this artwork was to show the shadows and lights of the Chinese box and bring it to life.  I accomplished this by using charcoal pencils and white chalk to go over the darks and lights of the box to make them pop.  The thing that surprised me most about drawing this was how easy it was to do for the second time because you are used to the material and what you are drawing with.  The drawing is about shading and highlighting and being able to touch three sides of your paper by cropping out everything you see.  The most difficult challenge was keeping the dark black pitch black.  I met this challenge by going over it many times and not touching it, and hairspray.  My painting really works at the chop sticks because of the tiny detail in the top.  Some things i found was to create cool shadows by putting more than one light on the object from behind and from the side.  Mr. Gadreau taught me everything that i learned in this drawing.  I learned from Georgia how to create a darker shadow with the different type of charcoal pencil.  If i could do it over i would have put a cool background in the back.  I feel i did best by making the background white so that the chinese box pops out.

1 comment:

  1. The texturre left in the white background unifies your piece. Good decision on using the fancy chopsticks. The little detaails add alot of interest.